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Den Nye PCLinuxOS 2007

Den Nye PCLinuxOS 2007
(den er god)
Hent den her

PS siden her er rettet så den er med den sidste nye pclinuxos 2007
(tak til Jan som så det)

Disclaimer -This is experimental software. Use at your own risk. PCLinuxOS cannot be held liable under any circumstances for damage to hardware or software, lost data, or other direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this software. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to use or further distribute this software.

Features include:

* Kernel
* KDE 3.5.6
* Mozilla Firefox
* Flash 9
* Mozilla Thunderbird
* Open Office 2.1.0
* Xorg 7.1
* Beryl, Compiz, Aixgl and Xgl for 3D graphics support
* Gcc 4.1.1 and updated glibc
* Updated bootsplash, icons, and more from the beautification project.
* Xdg Menu system
* Rebuild and update of our entire repository against new gcc and glibc
* Simplified Livecd boot options.

Livecd boot options:

* Livecd - Default boot options
* Frambuffer - Boot using generic video drivers (Proprietary drivers available after install)
* Safe - Turns off most hardware probing
* Mediacheck - Test the media to determine a good burn to cdr
* Memtest - Test your computer memory

The iso you want to get is called livecd.iso

Download Mirrors:


Mirror 2

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