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Hvad er pclinuxos UK
Hvad er pclinuxos UK
af Texstar
If you think all Linux distributions are made the same... think again.

PCLinuxOS is one of the world’s up and coming providers of a Linux Desktop Solution. With a small but dedicated development team, PClinuxOS delivers Desktop Ready Software that harnesses the power of the Open Source Community.

Try it Live

PCLinuxOS allows you to boot directly from the CD and test for hardware compatibility before committing the distribution to your hard drive. You will know right away if PCLinuxOS works with your hardware. This also gives you the ability to run PCLinuxOS from the CD to get comfortable with Linux before considering replacing your existing operating system or setting your computer up in a dual boot mode.

Equipped not stripped

PCLinuxOS comes fully equipped with just about everything a desktop user would want in an operating system. Browse the web, send and receive emails, chat with friends on Yahoo, MSN, AOL and IRC. Play games, listen to music, share files, rip CDs and watch videos. You can also burn CDs, DVDs, import, view and edit pictures. Our office suite allows you to write letters, do spreadsheets,drawings and slide presentations. Everything you can do with that other OS you can do in PCLinuxOS without worrying about virus infections, adware or spyware.

Safe, Secure and Stable

PCLinuxOS is safe, secure and stable. Linux systems are virtually immune to virus infection from Window viruses. While virus programs do exist in Linux, there are only a handful and mostly set to attack unsecured linux servers not the desktop. With PCLinuxOS you can safely surf the net without worrying about evil websites dropping trojans, virus or spyware on your system without your consent. PCLinuxOS provides the best of breed opensource applications where source code is always under peer review.

Software Updates

PCLinuxOS provides about 5,000 RPM software packages that are easily installed using apt-get with the Synaptic frontend. The Synaptic Software Manager provides a single frontend for installing, updating and removing software from your PCLinuxOS system. Updating your system is easy as 1- Reload file list, 2 Mark all updates and 3 - Click apply. It doesnt get any easier than this!
Skrevet af allanadmin   torsdag 08 februar 2007 - 22:51:28 | Læs/Skriv Kommentar:0 |udskrifts venlig
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boot into recovery mode then type /sbin/ldconfig and type reboot

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Jeg er lidt på spanden, har opdateret min pclos mate, efter opdatering, fryser mask. Jeg genstarter, den booter op normalt indtil den står med sort skærm med forlangende om localhost login. Og den vil ikke tage min administrator kode. Nå ellers må jeg geninstallere...